European Conference
February 9 and 10, 2024 | Cambridge, MA

Speakers + Panels

Keynote Speakers

AI & (E)U: The Regulatory Road to the Future

What is the Future of Science and Innovation in Europe?

Navigating New Normals: Europe’s Economic Resilience in Times of Change

Europe's Position in a Multipower and Polarized World

War and Reconstruction: Crafting a Comprehensive Strategy for Ukraine's Prosperous Future

EU-US Relations: Building Collective Security in a Shifting World

Challenge and Opportunity: Building Momentum in Migration Policy

Workshop: Negotiating Climate Agreements

Ensuring European Competitiveness in the Green Deal Era

Empower Europe: The Road to Inclusive Energy Transition

2024, An Election Year: The European Elections and the New Challenges for European Leadership

Challenges to European Democracies: The Rise of Populism and Democratic Backsliding

Building Global Coalitions on Feminism, LGBTQ Rights, and Minorities Representation

Integration in Times of Conflict: Prospects and Challenges of Ukraine’s EU Candidacy